Bugslock Ltd – Discover the world through products that make your life easier!

Bugslock is an internationally operating company specialising in the trade, development and production of retail brands and private labels for end customers.

In collaboration with selected specialists from various fields and scientific disciplines, Bugslock develops not only new ideas but also products, right up to market rollout. For some innovations and products, we prepare markets proactively until our products are are traded for real.

Bugslock Vision

Simplicity in the functionality of our products! How does that work?

We develop, design and prototype products that people dream of – products that stimulate the senses, inspire the mind and protect the body.

New ideas that surprise and endure in the long term.

Innovations that inspire, are easy to use and make life more pleasant.

Solutions that are not of existential importance but are utterly essential and valuable for our equilibrium.

Our Strategy – Our Goals

We pursue a clear growth strategy whilst at the same time maintaining a high level of responsibility for our environment by being developers and manufacturers of sustainable concepts and products.

Our holistic concepts are individual and are focused on consumer benefit.

How do we achieve our goals?

Our focus is on the expansion of existing business activities and on new developments.

We respond quickly and efficiently to the wishes and needs of our customers so that we can establish ourselves in the global market. We are constantly expanding our leading market position. By exploiting synergies and developing new products with joy, we continuously increase our operational efficiency. The consistent implementation of our growth strategy enables us to provide manufacturers and customers with a comprehensive, tailor-made portfolio of services along the entire value chain.

Customer satisfaction remains our first priority.

Our Team

Bugslock consists of a team of specialists from all over the world with expertise in marketing, finance, engineering, development and market research.

We are reliable and economically stable partners with access to a global network of experts with a deep understanding of local markets and excellent contacts. We offer a modern IT infrastructure and a comprehensive distribution network so that processes go smoothly and our team remains happy.